THROES OF DAWN - The Great Fleet Of Echoes

Throes Of Dawn - The Great Fleet Of Echoes

10 songs
54:25 minutes
***** **


Throes Of Dawn are a metal band from Finland that started in 1994 and now releases its fifth album The Great Fleet Of Echoes. Listening to the quiet and dark sounds, it’s hard to imagine that they used to be a black metal band. It should also be noted that it took them six years since their last record Quicksilver Clouds to come up with a new longplayer.

The CD begins in an ambient mood that has not really that much to do with metal. The band acts full of melancholy, giving the keyboards a dominant role that integrates harmonically into the overall sound. More action happens finally on the third track Velvet Chokehold, with its faster pace and occasional electronic gadgetries. This is followed once again by further quietness, with adjectives like dreamy and esoteric coming to mind. Occasionally there are parallels to Pink Floyd, giving the Finns a certain progressive character. Masterpiece is the eight minute long title track that towards the end of the album manages to sum up all of the band’s different facets into one song.

Overall Throes Of Dawn remind me of other Northern European bands like Tiamat and Amorphis, although the strongest comparison might be Paradise Lost. Throes Of Dawn are thus in good company and can pride themselves in having delivered a mature record. Nevertheless the band could do with more ideas of their own, and it is quite likely that The Great Fleet Of Echoes might be too mellow for some metal fans.

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