THULCANDRA - Under A Frozen Sun

Thulcandra - Under A Frozen Sun

8 songs
51:09 minutes
***** ***


Darkthrone’s first demo from 1989 was called Thulcandra. As they have been a huge influences on many black metal bands, it’s no surprise that today there are a few bands who named themselves after that seminal release. The one in question here comes from Munich in Germany and, after their debut Fallen Angel’s Dominion, is now back with its successor Under A Frozen Sun.

The three musicians (plus a session drummer) play primeval black metal that sounds as if it had been recorded twenty years ago. Thulcandra sound extremely wild, and their music takes no prisoners. There might be parallels to Dissection, but there are worse comparisons to be made for black metal bands. Piercing guitars, raw vocals and high speed drums are certainly nothing new, but nevertheless this all sounds very convincing. Occasionally the band allows for some respite by adding acoustic elements, which is very welcome. Yet even when they don’t go at things at full speed shouldn’t mean that they sound any less brutal. Just listen to the martial Black Flags Of Hate to know what I mean. The songs don’t all the same though. On the title track they are acting more moderately in order to achieve a melancholic Northern flair. The fast Aeon Of Darkness comes with quite melodic guitar riffs that for once even approach the music to the death metal genre. The album ends with Life Demise, a cover version by Unanimated. As I am unfamiliar with the original version, I can’t tell if they made a good job of it or not.

The debut was already full of promise, and Under A Frozen Sun improves on the pre-existent qualities. Thulcandra may now try to work on a more original sounds, but even if they don’t succeed on that, old school fans should still be amazed by their rustic take on black metal.

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