Thunderkraft - Totentanz

9 songs
50:26 minutes
***** ***


Ukraine is mostly making headlines because of the upcoming European Football Championship, but the Eastern European country also has a thriving metal scene. Take for instance Thunderkraft who have been around since 2001. The martial title of their second album Totentanz, coming seven years after their debut, recalls memories of Laibach.

Most band members have a black metal background, but the band decided to act a little more experimentally with this band. And they have succeeded, even if their mix of death, black, groove, folk and industrial might sound too overcharged and therefore not to everyone’s taste. I personally don’t have a problem with their hodge-podge approach. Of course one may accuse the band of not having a common thread, but if you like the unexpected, you are definitely at the right address. Symphonic black metal is still the foundation of their music, but they add to this death metal growls and industrial arrangements. There is always room for repose, with atmospheric or flute and violin folk parts. Evidently not all the songs follow the same recipe. Dance Of The Dead is quite electronic and has club hit potential. Crumpled Story is incredibly bizarre and full of weird sounds, making it hard to describe this captivating piece of music. Before the concluding The Creator Of Life shows the band from their most unbridled side, we get with Towards A New Dawn something nearly esoteric with well done spoken word vocals.

If you are in the mood for something apart from the conventional, you should definitely check out Thunderkraft. Their music is very special and full of unexpected twists and turns. This may not be something entirely original, but the result is exciting, to say the least. You can be sure to discover something new every time you listen to Totentanz.

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