Tommy Merry - 3

11 songs
49:35 minutes


Tommy Merry is an American instrumental guitarist and in the past, he has already shared the stage with stars like Metallica, Journey, Joe Satriani, Ratt, Montrose, Y&T, Testament, Lita Ford, Armored Saint, Iron Butterfly, Faith No More, Tony MacAlpine and Michael Schenker. This list partly shows you what to expect on his third album.

Tommy Merry seems to be very fond of the second half on the 80s when a lot of guitar heroes appeared and vanished on the famous label Shrapnel. The problem was that all those artists were sounding more or less the same even though they all had undeniable technical qualities. Tommy Merry, who on this album is supported by drummer Brian Shearn and guitar player James Beard, can be put into that same group. The opener F.O.G. has a nice melody and sounds like a midtempo Joe Satriani track. There are further songs on the CD, like the faster hard rock tune The Hell You Say!, the calmer Out Of The Blue and the bombastic The Valkyries which wouldn't cause too much distraction on a Joe Satriani album. Tommy Merry is an exceptional guitar player as he proves on 24 Caprices OP.1 for solo violin. No. 19 in E, originally composed by Niccolo Paganini.

But there's also a less exciting side to his music. Terra Nulius and Kellie Green suffer from a slight overlength and are so enormously stuck in the Eighties that you could use them as a soundtrack for the Out Run arcade car racing computer game. The only song containing voice samples is the experimental Decade which didn't convince me too much either.

In general, I'm not the biggest instrumental album fan and therefore not too fascinated by Tommy Merry's third album which probably would have been more up to my taste if it had been released two decades ago. But it's possible that rock and hard rock guitar players may discover interesting passages on the album which I have ignored as I don't play any instrument.

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