Tossers - Agony

17 songs
48:36 minutes
***** ***


The Tossers are a band with Irish origins based in Chicago which harbours America’s biggest Irish community. The band was formed in 1993. Agony is their sixth CD and the second one on a bigger label. Their Victory debut The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death was a smasher and a must for everyone who likes The Pogues, The Dropkick Murphy’s and Flogging Molly. As the album became quite popular, The Tossers decided not to leave their safe way. If I were a mean person, I would copy and paste the review of their last CD instead of writing a new one.

The songs on Agony are still good, but the surprising effect from their 2005 release has vanished. The first two songs are punk-edged rockers with traditional Irish folk elements, combining rock with traditional instruments. Especially Pub And Culture is a highlight making you feel like drinking in an Irish pub. Shade is a ballad, also an important element in the band’s repertoire. This pattern is repeated several times: two faster tracks with sing-along choruses are often followed by a more sentimental and mellower track. These slower moments aren’t bad, only Not Alone with its spoken words doesn’t have any impact on me. But the album also contains enough winners like the furious Did It All For You, the faster Siobhan and the catchy Political Scum. Two further extraordinary tracks are The Sleep In The Boots with its Eastern European folk elements and the square-dance like Claddagh.

The Tossers have done again an excellent job and I’m still a fan of this Irish folk band. But I can’t name you any arguments why Agony would be better than The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death, as the differences between both records are very minor.

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