TOURNIQUET - Where Moth And Rust Destroy

Tourniquet - Where Moth And Rust Destroy

9 songs
59:19 minutes
***** ****
Metal Blade


Tourniquet are a metal band I'm always looking forward to to listen to the new record. There are only a few bands playing metal at such an original level as they do. Their music is very difficult to describe, anyway, there's not a second band sounding similar to them. Melodic but speedy thrash metal with enormously complex song structures could be a little help to define their music. The songs are most of the times very heavy but always get combined with groovy passages and great melodic vocals. Although Tourniquet are a Christian band and try to communicate the message of the Gospel through music, they are not only using biblical passages for their lyrics. Poe inspired horror lyrics and social topics like animal rights are important to them, too. One of the most bizarre tracks on the meanwhile 11th output (7 CDs, 2 EPs, 1 collection, 1 live acoustic) is Drawn And Quartered, quite a rough song, but it underlines nevertheless the band's virtuous qualities. Very strange is also Healing Waters Of The Tigris because of a sitar intro. Will Tourniquet also be open to other religious streams? It doesn't matter to me and I don't care too much about their inspirations. The music is so great and unique that I even don't pay much attention to the rest.

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