TOXKÄPP - Zwee Toun Skapunk

Toxkäpp - Zwee Toun Skapunk

14 songs
47:24 minutes
***** ****
Winged Skull


Introducing Toxkäpp doesn't make lot of sense these days because they are, also on an international level, one of the most popular bands from Luxemburg. But here's a short history for those of you who spent the last years locked up in a cave. Toxkäpp started in late 1995 as a prolo punk quartet, but discovered very soon their passion for ska. A saxophone player joined them before they released their first CD in 2000. Another five years later, they release their second CD. Meanwhile a keyboarder and a trombonist have joined Toxkäpp who play nowadays more traditional ska. The fourteen songs on the album were written between 2000 and 2004, and although some of the songs have been previously released on different compilation albums, it's nevertheless entertaining to have them collected on a single CD. Most Toxkäpp songs are typical two tone tracks, they are very rhythmic, spread a positive mood and invite to dance. Most tracks have been written by Toxkäpp, but there are a few cover versions like Freakshow by the Pietasters, One Step Beyond (in Luxemburgish: Ee Schrëtt ze wäit) by Madness and the traditional local folk song De Schmadd. Apart from Freakshow, all songs are sung in Luxemburgish. The lyrics are easily understandable and it doesn't matter if they sing about funny (parties, concerts,...) or serious themes (money, health,...), they are always very entertaining. In general, ska is a musical style that often risks becoming monotonous and boring. But Toxkäpp understand very well to play very differently sounding tracks, probably because they had more than four years to compose. There are nearly only strong tracks on the album. Vugelsmillen and Ee Schrëtt ze wäit are a bit annoying because of the small vocabulary, but this gets compensated by smashers like Ee fir se all, Gutt verséchert, De Schmadd, etc. Furthermore the album contains two video clips filmed during a gig at the Kulturfabrik. Toxkäpp have recorded a strong album absolutely no worse than their debut. Another success in their band history is programmed.

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