TRAKTOR - Early Adopter

Traktor - Early Adopter

9 songs
43:15 minutes
***** ***
Not Another Record Label
Dog Knights


When Traktor released their debut Lights in 2006, they sounded like a second generation chaos core band. Two years later, they severely improved their approach on their sophomore effort Sequence The Sequence, and while I can’t quite agree that their third album Early Adapter is their Sgt Pepper’s, I also can’t deny that the Swedes once again made significant progress.

Earlier this year, the single Where Water Goes gave already a glimpse of what to expect, and the longplayer consequently doesn’t disappoint either. Gone are the days of short, chaotic eruptions, instead the quartet takes its time building up songs full of suspense and surprises. Already the opener Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right astonishes with its generous length of nearly six and a half minutes, offering melodic yet muscular indie rock that still hints to the band’s origins, but in a much more mature way. There’s even some trumpets that help to intensify the mood. The following Extension ’94 starts with a faster beat, yet the vocals remain melodic. Fans will be familiar with the third track, Where Water Goes, exemplifying what modern day Traktor stands for. You may want to call it melodic math rock, or indie core, but it’s obvious that the band has come a long way since their early days. Other outstanding tracks are the unusually downbeat Laggards, the fierce Vampire/Vampire as the only song under three minutes and the seven minute epic North To Oak Island where you can once again admire Traktor’s breadth of talent.

Maybe it was only a question of time before chaos core was running out of steam, but it’s a testament to Traktor’s ingenuity that they managed to develop something new from which to continue. Early Adapter is an excellent album that should have no problems whatsoever to find its audiences from a broad range of styles.

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