TRAKTOR - Where Water Goes

Traktor - Where Water Goes

2 songs
9:22 minutes
***** ***
I Made This / Apocaplexy / Not Another Recordlabel


Chaos core is generally a genre attributed to Scandinavian bands, with JR Ewing and Kaospilot probably being the two bands that helped define it. Traktor from Sweden already opened quite a few eyes and ears with their two albums Lights and Sequence The Sequence, and a third longplayer is scheduled to arrive in the autumn of this year. Until then their fans get already two songs on their new seven inch vinyl record Where Water Goes.

The A-side comes with the excellent title track where Traktor show their music is about much more than just coming up with complex song patterns and time signatures. Of course the guitars are still more agile than on your general hardcore or punk album, but there is an undeniable development into more melodic territories. The guitars are only mildly distorted, underlining the more relaxed attitude, the vocals may still be slightly raw but are definitely able to keep up a melody. The flipside treats us with the equally cool Stuck With The Distance that even comes with a piano part. Both songs make it over four minutes, giving Traktor ample space to fill with their angular yet always intriguing guitar riffs. If their forthcoming album can keep up with this high quality level, I have no doubts that Traktor will win over a lot of hearts with their new and improved sound. Where Water Goes is only a ten minute long affair, but is well worth the price of admittance.

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