Trigger The Bloodshed - Purgation

17 songs
37:01 minutes
***** **
Rising / SPV


It’s a well known fact that the British media hardly ever said a bad word about their native bands, but in the case of Trigger The Bloodshed, all the excitement makes sense. This still young grind death band which was only founded in 2006 delivers an onslaught of blast beat brutality on their debut which is rare these days. Already the seventeen seconds short opener Inception which flows seamlessly into Merciless Ignorance shows the band’s origins. That track could as well have been on one of Napalm Death’s early records. Trigger The Bloodshed combine the speed of grindcore with the aggression of death metal into something which may not be overly original, but isn’t practiced by that many bands today. Purgation may not be the longest album, but there are nearly no slow-paced moments to be found, except maybe a few decent mid-tempo moments on their first single Laceration.

The band’s technical dexterity prevents this speed orgy to become boring, but a little more variety in pace would have emphasised the extremity of the fast parts even more. A good production and a quite self-confident attitude for a debut album also make this already the band’s last release on the British label Rising, as they have recently been signed by the bigger Metal Blade Records.

What remains is a band that is still at the beginning of its career, where good intentions are sometimes more important than detailed elaboration, but alone the fact that this CD is light years away from any so-called metalcore or mathcore clichés makes it an interesting purchase of everyone who is into tasty grind death metal. I am definitely looking forward to Trigger The Bloodshed’s future.

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