Triosphere - Onwards

10 songs
47:24 minutes
Face Front


Onwards is the debut album by Triosphere, a classic heavy metal three-piece from Norway. After listening twice to the CD, I was still convinced that the band had a male singer who was trying to sound like Ronnie James Dio in a rather desperate way. I nearly fell off my chair whenI learned that the singer is a lady called Ida Haukland who’s also playing the bass guitar. Without exaggeration, she can be called the female pendant to Ronnie James Dio, great voice and size alike.

The songwriting itself isn’t too bad in the beginning. As I’m still fond of Eighties metal, I often like bands giving a tribute to the golden decade of heavy metal. The songs are played with a lot of speed, Triosphere immediately come to the point and don’t give a damn about complicated breaks that haven’t a place in classic heavy metal. But after five songs, the songs start becoming repetitive. The album isn’t too original, so that band has to try to put stronger riffs into the music. It seems that the album has been released a bit too early for Triosphere. The musicians just don’t seem ready for a full-length record.

If Triosphere had just released an EP containing the four Onwards parts (the piano parts are working well on part three which is more than thirteen minutes long) and the well structured Trinity, they would have left a better impression. My advice for the second album: please take more time in order to achieve a better and more mature result.

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