TRIVIUM - Ember To Inferno

Trivium - Ember To Inferno

12 songs
49:39 minutes
***** ****


Trivium are one of the many new bands that combine metal and hardcore elements into something very tasteful, if not overly original. And that's already the only negative aspect you can find on their debut CD Ember To Inferno. This Florida four-piece combines the harsh melodies of Scandinavian death metal with the more aggressive musical fierceness of late Eighties American thrash, and adds to every song melodic solemn vocals next to the more abrasive thrash growls.

As every song uses more or less the same mould, the whole album becomes slightly predictable, but Trivium make that up with very mature songwriting, surprising not only because this is a debut, but mostly because guitar player and singer Matt Heafy is only seventeen years old. When you read his profile on the band's website, you'll see that he must have a huge music collection, but instead of just copying his faves, he distils the different influences into something very wholesome. Sure, this has been done before, but Trivium show already a very high level of competence when it comes to writing memorable tunes, as not many bands can come up with such a moving song like If I Could Collapse The Masses. Trivium combine the two different genres of metal and core in such a convincing way that they certainly won't have trouble finding fans in both camps. With a bit more diverse songwriting, this could have been a milestone, they way it is now, Ember To Inferno is still a collection of awesome songs.

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