THE TRUFFAUTS - The Pleasures Of Life

The Truffauts - The Pleasures Of Life

12 songs
47:11 minutes
***** ***


I had to do quite some researching to find out if The Truffauts are Germans or French. The musicians’ names and their accent free French on two tracks made their origins obvious, even though they have been living for some years in Germany. The band was founded already in 1987 and has already released their tenth album with The Pleasures Of Life.

The Truffauts show right from the start with the opener Une question sur le bonheur their potential. Their noise rock which merges melodic rock with a nicely scratchy sound is not unlike what many German bands did in the Nineties. The other French track, Tu te prends toujours tout ce que tu veux is another catchy hit and therefore one more highlight. Their English songs are certainly not bad, but don’t show the same sense of ease than those in their mother tongue. Other great tracks are the dark Too Much To Expect which reminds me a little of Morphine and Meat Eater which shows parallels to Noir Désir. Their semi-ballad Pilgrim is also very competent and comes with more power than this genre normally has to offer. Retro pop fans will be delighted with Unhip And Unaware. A higher rating would have been possible, were it not for the CD ending with three quieter pieces, robbing the experience some of its momentum.

The Truffauts can still be proud of their current record. They may have been active for more years than some younger artists have been alive, but they are definitely not to be written off yet. Let’s hope that they will remain active, maybe with some more French tracks the next time.

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