TRUSTGAME - Trustgame

Trustgame - Trustgame

11 songs
45:18 minutes
Limited Access


I wonder if the label gave me the wrong album, because this combination of emo core, nu metal, punk rock and wildly moshing music somehow eluded me on the longplayer debut gy Duisburg five-piece Trustgame. The first two songs, Whatever You Say and Break Us Down, sound like typical contemporary rock music, all too predictable unfortunately, with radio airplay in mind. Thorsten Schwesinger’s voice has considerable volume, but when the songwriting most of the time is somewhere between Nickelback and A Perfect Circle, it is hard for any tension to build. The shorter Dickcheeze is supposed to be a heavier track, but the production makes its best to water it down so that eventually the joke is lost. The single Just Some Words – of which a video clip is included on the CD – continues with the typical fare, and it’s only in the middle of the album where we get some respite. Good-Bye Harbour ventures into 3/4 time signature complete with accordion part, making this original track the highlight of the album. The following Vacuum combines the darkness of Tool with the majesty of Led Zeppelin, and although this is not as surprising as the preceding song, it still is one of the record’s brighter moments. The same can be said for the piano driven ballad My Satellite. Two more run-of-the-mill songs to suffer through before the longer Sometimes ends the album on a more sombre note, calling up parallels to later Paradise Lost.

Trustgame are quite a talented band that needs to emancipate themselves from corporate expectations and look for their own sound. Their debut may be good enough to inspire short-term interest with fans of the aforementioned bands, but if they want to build a loyal fanbase, they should know that more independence in sound is needed.

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