TRUSTNO1 - Satan In The Vatican

TrustNo1 - Satan In The Vatican

10 songs
36:11 minutes
***** **


Three members of Austrian metal band TrustNo1 are currently also playing in Darkwell, a gothic metal band featuring vocalist Stephanie Luzie who’s also singing in the quite well known symphonic gothic metal band Atargatis. They realised that the gothic metal genre wouldn’t allow them to write political songs, which made them found TrustNo1, an old school death metal band whose lyrics deal with all kinds of current topics, like war, religion and politics.

The title of their debut Satan In The Vatican has strong similarities with that of one of the greatest thrash metal cult albums from the early Nineties: Exhorder’s Slaughter In The Vatican. TrustNo1 may display a certain affinity towards thrash metal, but mostly they play mid-tempo death metal dominated by a strong grooves, much different from many of today’s highly technical death metal bands. It’s a deliberate choice, and this more basic kind of music probably fits their lyrical context better, but at times the songs could do with a little more variety. There are a few more melodic moments added here and there, and the vocalist takes care to utter his words rather understandable (which is not very often the case with death metal bands), so that the overall impression is still mostly favourable.

Satan In The Vatican is certainly not a milestone, but in times where fewer and fewer metal bands dare to take a political stand, it’s making me feel optimistic that the genre has not yet drowned in complete irrelevance when it comes to spreading a message. Headbangers who like their death metal straight and simple will be well served with this promising debut.

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