The Truth About - The Way We Move

5 songs
18:45 minutes
***** ***


The Truth About are a German girl band with one boy. After a demo in 2006, they released their official debut You Win Some You Lose Some in 2011. This year they are back with their EP The Way We Move.

The four musicians from Cologne and Bonn consider indie artists like Tegan and Sara and Veruca Salt as their biggest influences, and just like them, The Truth About sound somewhat minimalist and edgy. But there is also a definite melodic component that can be compared to the Cardigans. Stylistically they are dancing between guitar pop and indie rock and recall German bands like Sharon Stoned and Luke, only with female vocals.

The opener Hours instantly pleases, just like you would expect from a typical Blunoise production with its distinctive sound. The following Been Here Before is another easygoing, catchy track. A Perfect Day surprises with male vocals and its harmonic interaction between guitar and bass. The title track has all it takes to become a summer hit and reminds me of Nineties indie rock bands like Pixies and Dinosaur Jr. The EP ends with Go Without, another successful song that may start a little sluggishly but then builds momentum before it really gets you.

The Way We Move may only be a short entertainment, but still works just fine. It’s only a shame that the band came up only with five new songs in the two years since their debut. I could definitely stomach more of the same. Their mix of jangly rock and nice pop sure gets off.

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