TWELVE TRIBES - Midwest Pandemic

Twelve Tribes - Midwest Pandemic

11 songs
43:08 minutes
***** ****


Although Twelve Tribes from Dayton, Ohio (better known for indie rock acts like Guided By Voices and Pere Ubu) just released their third album Midwest Pandemic, I have never heard of them before. The storming opener National Amnesia leaves you quite breathless in a little under two minutes, and the first impression would be that they are just another, if very good, metalcore band. Angry vocals underlined by groovy fat guitars do the necessary to create an atmosphere of aggression, and occasional melodic vocals add the necessary diversion. But wait, there is a level of complexity underneath their music, and it's the unexpectedly melodic History Versus The Pavement that first lets you realise what a great band Twelve Tribes are.

Verona is a fast punkrocker with an angry attitude and just enough hit potential to make it an audience favourite. The album peaks with the three last songs that take the last amount of energy out of the guys. The Nine Year Tide is a longer track with much diversity, the title track combines again progressive skills with brutal craftsmanship and accessible melodies, but it's the last song, the three-part and nine-minute long The Recovery In Three Parts, that is the undisputed highlight of the album, showing that epic proportions can also exist within the metalcore genre. A whole album like this and the fantastic History Versus The Pavement would have made Midwest Pandemic the best metalcore album of all times. Next to all those cloned bandwagon jumpers, Twelve Tribes have made it to the top next to bands like Between The Buried And Me and Converge.

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