TWIN PRICKS - Young At Heart

Twin Pricks - Young At Heart

5 songs
22:45 minutes
***** ***
Chez Kito Kat


It took Twin Pricks many years to come together. Fifteen years ago, Geoffrey Lolli and Florian Schall were high school friends. Their musical paths often crossed, both collected experience in the most different genres (metal, hardcore, prog,…) before they finally decided to start their own band.

I must admit that at first I was rather sceptical of this duo from the Lorraine, because all too often this constellation of only two musicians ends up in miserable minimalism, but Twin Pricks really took care to add enough of instruments to make their debut EP Young At Heart sound like the product of a regular band. While the acoustic and electric guitars are the main instruments, I was overjoyed to hear a real live drum, and the occasional electric piano adds a truly warm touch.

Young At Heart starts with the rather upbeat A Better View which sounds like a forgotten gem of American indie rock from the Nineties. The shared vocals are superb and are proof of the many years of musical activities of both involved. The following Twin Freaks starts a little slower before the punch sets in, and shows the two friends’ love for early emo (before that genre was taken over by black eyeliner). The remaining three tracks are even mellower and have a strong singer/songwriter influence. On I.R.T.F. I even made out some alt country touches, reminding me of Conor Oberst and his Bright Eyes.

There is much more to French music than the overrated cabaret crap for which the country is probably still best known, even if the really good stuff is still hidden deep within the underground. Twin Pricks may only be a duo, but this young band of old friends has managed to release a first EP that left my expectations highly surpassed. If they can top this with a longplayer, we will be in for something really grand!

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