TWYSTER - Xplode

Twyster - Xplode

13 songs
50:33 minutes
***** ***


Normally, I'm not a fan of melodic metal or traditional hardrock. Twyster from Germany are a band that may be filed under those two genres. Their debut Lunatic Siren (2002) didn't convince me too much because the interpretation of the well intended songs often sounded a bit clumsy. That's why I'm very surprised what a big effort Twyster have done on their new CD Xplode. They present themselves from very different angles and there are nearly no blackouts on this record. The opener The Fury and the following Push Me Down are two very straightforward metal songs. The same may be said about the next track Dying Eyes which also creates wonderful Eighties feelings. Singer Coco has a very rough voice which reminds you of Hellion's Ann Boleyn or Kate French (Chastain). Those metal tracks draw parallels to Iron Maiden from the mid-Eighties. Another side of Twyster goes into a more power rock direction. These songs, like Under The Elms and Side By Side, to just name a few, are melodic without being mellow. When Coco sings less metal but more rock, I have to compare her to Pat Benatar which is meant as a compliment. There are only two weaker songs on the record: The Storm Is Back sounds too epic for Twyster and the ballad Follow The Storm isn't stormy enough. I appreciate the improvement Twyster have done. The last song Sweet Nail has a chorus which is so easy to remember that you want to listen again and again to this song. Twyster are straight on the way to become an established act in the German rock and metal scene.

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