TYING TIFFANY - Brain For Breakfast

Tying Tiffany - Brain For Breakfast

15 songs
49:09 minutes
***** ***
I Scream


Tying Tiffany is mostly known as being of the most popular Suicide Girls. Not being a regular visitor of this erotic model homepage myself, I first saw here playing live at the Ladies Only Festival in the Rockhal. She was so attractive and her show was so seductive that I didn’t pay much attention to the music and only noticed some background beats. When I finally received her new and second CD Brain For Breakfast, I wondered if this concept would also work as a simple audio experience.

The songs have a strong tendency towards electronic music, but the album also contains diverse other elements like dance, punk, wave and pop. Even if the songs consist of simple patterns, the multiple influences are caring for enough freshness so that listening to the more than three quarters of an hour of Brain For Breakfast is a fun experience. People seem to love Tying Tiffany, explaining why there have been enough (male) volunteers to act as guest musicians. Liquido singer Wolfgang Schrodl is sharing vocals with Tiffany on Download Me which not only has a high pop beat hit factor, but also contains samples of Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker suite. Santo Niente is the guest singer on the trashy Unstoppable Spanker with a B-52’s touch. Nic Endo (Atari Teenage Riot) remixed Slow Motion and Pete Namlock (Fax Rec.) helps out on the Ozric Tentacles-like State Of Mind where Tiffany does her best in whispering.

But the songs without outside support aren’t bad either. The poppy Not A Shame is pure girl riot power like Shampoo whose Trouble made them a one-hit-wonder in the early Nineties. I Can Do It sounds like dance music as known from 2 Unlimited more than a decade ago. I’d Rather Bet On Outsiders underlines Tying Tiffany’s Peaches influence. One of my favourite songs is Satellite. It has a cool melody with a charming NDW touch. The single I Wanna Be Your MP3 is another great track with a catchy tune. Pazza is the only Italian sung track with an awesome (or awful?) Euro disco pop flair. There are some more pure techno-based songs which aren’t so much my cup of tea.

But as the songs are generally not too long, a weaker track in between doesn’t disturb too much the overall flow of this fifteen track album. Most of Brain For Breakfast lies between nice pop and more experimental electro beats. Tying Tiffany can be sure that her mission has onace again been fulfilled. Let’s hope that her prospective audience will appreciate this work as much as I do.

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