TYRANT - Legend

Tyrant - Legend

6 songs
52:00 minutes
***** *


Tyrant from Japan was originally formed in December 1994 as an ordinary black metal band. After two demo releases and several member changes, Tyrant decided to play a more atmospheric kind of black metal. The band became very popular in Japan and finally they released a first CD in 1997 showing the band's actual status: mystic, fast and melodic black metal. After this release Tyrant lost some precious time by looking for a new drummer. But in mid 2002, they finally released their second CD called Legend. Compared to the debut, the songs have not only become longer, but also more mature and more melodic. Another big difference is that the new album can take some profit from a clear sound production which wasn't the case for the first one. Tyrant surely are a very good atmospheric black metal band, but there's absolutely nothing new that they try to bring into this music. The fact that they have the Japanese exotic bonus and a very lovely female keyboard player doesn't make a difference. Even if they belong to the top of Asian black metal, there's still a long way to the same level as the colleagues from Europe or the United States.

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