U.D.O. - Mastercutor

U.D.O. - Mastercutor

12 songs
50:39 minutes


In the Eighties, Udo Dirkschneider was a metal icon as the short-haired Accept vocalist and even his first solo album Animal House was somehow entertaining. But I always had the impression that Udo had been unfolding all his musical abilities between 1984 and 1987, with no innovation in the twenty years to come. In the Nineties, I considered him a relic that was charging straight into a dead end street.

Mastercutor is already his 11th studio album, and Udo told that it would contain some surprises. The biggest surprise surely is that Udo didn’t tell the truth and that you can expect his usual good plain cooking. The opener and title track is a powerful metal hymn as they have been done already a hundred times before. My favourite track is The Wrong Side Of Midnight, one of the few exceptions that contain some unpredictable structures and a well done chorus. Unfortunately after these two tracks, the album loses stamina. The Instigator consists of a bit too simple patterns, and One Lone Voice has clean vocals but would take advantage from more power. One little highlight between the bunch of average track is the epic Master Of Disaster. Worst of all is the piano ballad Tears Of A Clown which is even worse than Winds Of Change. Towards the end, the album takes a funny turn with Dead Man’s Eyes with its Freedom Call like chorus, and Crash Bang Crash, a retro glam song somewhere between The Sweet and Golden Earring.

Udo’s sandpaper voice has of course still the same charm as it did a quarter of a century ago, but there are nowadays a lot of established and new metal acts that seem fresher than U.D.O. I suppose that Accept and U.D.O. fans will like this work because of Udo Dirkschneider’s cult personality, but I wonder if he can attract many new fans with Mastercutor. In the new millennium, Udo has become a fossil. Even if he has a charismatic personality, his music can’t fascinate me anymore.

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