ULCERATE - Of Fracture And Failure

Ulcerate - Of Fracture And Failure

9 songs
45:20 minutes
***** ****


Once upon a time, there was a band from New Zealand, all fed up living in a country that was musically only assimilated to lo-fi indie sounds from the Flying Nun label, so they dug a hole straight through the Earth and ended up in the Netherlands where they were signed to Neurotic Records. While this is technically not really impossible (if you care to live in a Jules Verne universe), it isn’t of course the way it happened. But imagine my surprise when I first listened to the second album from Ulcerate, and later found out that they were from kiwi island, and not from the American East Coast.

Ulcerate play their technical death metal on an incredibly high level, and even leave bands like Immolation or Dying Fetus behind them. The band combines the sheer aggression and brutality of the genre with the crazy progressiveness of math metal bands, and more than once, they sound as if Meshuggah had decided to become a death metal band. From time to time, especially on their longer songs Failure and Defaeco, there is room for breathing, but apart from that, Of Fracture And Failure is a forty-five non-stop ride through polymetric odd time signature shifting math death schizophrenia. The thing is, this works so much better than all the Converge and Dillinger Escape Plan clones, because Ulcerate never have any hardcore elements, which in my opinion makes bands more accessible.

This is true progressive music written and performed by true artists. It may be noisy as hell and hurt your ears, but everyone who feels ready for a real musical challenge should check out the brilliant Of Fracture And Failure. Ulcerate prove that there is more to New Zealand than filming juvenile fantasy movies and charming lo-fi pop.

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