UNDERGOD - Who’s Your God?

Undergod - Who’s Your God?

11 songs
54:55 minutes
***** ***


The three cartoon guys looking grimly from the cover artwork suggest that this might be some kind of goth punk music, but after reading the info sheet, you know that this must be something different, considering the fact that two of the musicians are former members of Erotic Jesus and Gurd.

Although Undergod come from Switzerland, they recorded their previous album Trapped with Scott Ross (Soundgarden, Supersuckers) in Seattle. The new album Who's Your God? has been done again in Europe, but you notice a cosmopolitan atmosphere many continental European bands still miss. Meaning: Undergod sound like a true and hard American industrial metal band, paying as much attention to a good production as to catchy songwriting. Instead of going the way of the colder realms of mechanistic music (Ministry, KMFDM), Undergod have a certain knack for commercial sounds, resulting in a sound not too far away from bands like Nine Inch Nails, Foetus and the late Peace Love And Pitbulls. Their are no weak tracks on the album but I would suggest them to make the awesome Killing Me a single edit, because that song crystallises perfectly the genius of combining a cool melody with a driving beat!

Underdog are on the same high level than the big shots from the USA, and don't let yourself be scared by the fact that they are from Switzerland (and hey, lots of great bands have been from there, like Celtic Frost and Coroner), because melodic industrial metal can't come much more convincing like this!

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