UNDER-RADIO - Under-Radio

Under-Radio - Under-Radio

9 songs
39:08 minutes
***** **


Under-Radio is a new band by guitarist Eric Zimmermann, a musician who studied under Dream Theater's John Petrucci. The album also contains some guest appearances by Fates Warning drummer Mark Zonder. Although Under-Radio also shows some progressive elements, it's more a classic hard rock album with very strong guitar influences. Lots of the songs are very catchy and melodic (Acrobat, Spinning Wheels, Everytime). Mr Zimmermann definitely proves that he's an excellent guitar player and he sometimes even tries to copy a legend like Joe Satriani (Swing It! may be a very good example), but most songs suffer from the vocals by Robbie Wycoff. It's not that he hasn't a good voice, but it's sounding too bluesy or even soulish for a rock band. Bigger Fish To Fry is a very blues rock like song and to me a disappointment. Luckily there are also some instrumentals on the CD. How Was The Funeral? contains acoustic guitars and flutes, and is a very slow track. I prefer Elmer's Revenge because that song mixes rock and jazz passages in an excellent way or Drinking Blood, the most progressive sounding track. Although the album contains some nice passages, I can only recommend it to pure rock fans.

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