UNEARTH - The March

Unearth - The March

10 songs
44:21 minutes
***** ****
Metal Blade


American metalcore legend Unearth have been active for ten years and are now back with their fourth studio album The March, one of their strongest outings yet. Since their previous record In The Eyes Of Fire, they only changed the drummer in their line-up.

As in the past, they don’t play pure metalcore, but leave room for melodic death metal and occasional thrash elements. Already the opener My Will Be Done shows that Unearth still emphasise brutal vocals and melodic guitars. The CD contains extraordinarily many guitar solos which doesn’t harm the overall quality, because the listener is constantly covered with great fat riffs. Apart from the opener, there are many more highlights to be discovered, like the title track where two vocal lines are whipping each other along, and the cool The Chosen which is catchy as hell, allowing you to follow with suspense the two guitars. Some tracks are a little less fast but still so dark and raw that they are giving you goose bumps. The last song displays an Unearth as angry as we have rarely heard them before.

The March isn’t that different from Unearth’s previous album, but that one was already quite excellent. Fans will have to get this one anyway, and those who don’t procrastinate will be able to get a limited edition with an additional DVD containing a "Making Of" documentation.

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