UNION YOUTH - The Royal Gene

Union Youth - The Royal Gene

10 songs
41:48 minutes
***** ***


Union Youth are a new band from Germany, although they are no newcomers. They have already released one CD under the name Jonas which was German diskurspop close to Tocotronic. On their debut The Royal Gene, Union Youth show that they don't have to do anything with their past anymore. In general the sound is more aggressive and at a higher speed level. The opener Fruits For The Nations shows strong parallels to Nirvana (just listen to the guitars and the vocals), and the grunge influence will return on several other songs. Another big Union Youth influence is stoner rock, a style you can especially hear on slower tracks like Dead Beat Type or Strawberry. Union Youth definitely don't bring new elements into rock music, but I don't think that this is the band's aim. Hard rock and alternative fans will love this noisy rock CD which is recommended to be listened to at a high decibel volume. Quite a surprise is that a rather unknown German band already gets a major deal with Eastwest. This is not always a sign of quality or potential, but I suppose that Union Youth may have a bright future.

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