UNREST - Back To The Roots

Unrest - Back To The Roots

10 songs
43:18 minutes


Unrest from Bremen are not among Germany's heavy metal pioneers, but they have been around already since 1992 and I have to confess that I've never heard anything of them before, although Back To The Roots is already their sixth album.

The cover artwork showing a fierce wolf looks quite cliché ridden and the same can be said about the music. I can't imagine any band playing more traditional heavy metal than Unrest do. The opener Go To Hell is a fast German sounding 80s metal track and shows huge parallels to Accept, a band I also never really appreciated. The following Bang Your Head is a metal hymn that could also have been featured on an early Running Wild vinyl. A Legend Is Born is my favourite track as it is strongly inspired by Metal Church songs of the David Wayne era.

In general, Unrest like to play fast heavy metal. The only two slower tracks are the Twisted Sister like midtempo track Don't Stop that seems longer than it actually is and the ballad Burning Desire which closes the album. Slow tracks really aren't Unrest's strong side. Their classic heavy metal songs aren't bad, but not too exciting, not at all diverse and really not innovative at all. I do of course at times like traditional heavy metal because I'm sometimes feeling a bit nostalgic, but I don't see any reason why I should choose Unrest as they are no pioneers of the scene.

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