VADER - Blood

Vader - Blood

7 songs
26:53 minutes
***** ***
Metal Blade


It's weird that the most popular European death metal band comes from such an unlikely country as Poland. Vader have been releasing albums for more than ten years already, and Blood is only a seven song EP to make the waiting for the next regular album less painful.

The opener Shape Shifting is a fast death metal hammer that gets you immediately into the right mood for this kind of music, before The Wait continues with more moderate speed. From there on, you will get three two-minute blast attacks, before When Darkness Calls (already known from last year's Revelations album) is the last Vader song. The album ends with a well done (if not overly great) cover version of Thin Lizzy's Angel Of Death, with updated lyrics even.

This is not too bad for a mini-album though. An ok running time of 27 minutes (a lot of regular hardcore punk albums for instance are not longer either), five new and one old songs, plus a cover version. The production is top notch like we have to come to expect from Vader, so self-respecting death metal fans don't act wrong when they get this CD.

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