VAN CANTO - Break The Silence

Van Canto - Break The Silence

10 songs
43:14 minutes
***** ****


I have been following the career of German a cappella band Van Canto since their inception five years ago, and never have I been disappointed by what they are doing. From the beginning they mostly wrote their own material, but always found the time to cover metal classics. Releasing regularly new albums, their fourth one just came out and is titled Break The Silence.

A little change has been in order since their last record Tribe Of Force. The vocals and the drums are still the band’s main instruments, but this time they are relying more often on different instruments whenever they are deemed necessary. All in all the album feels a little quieter than their past works. The typical rakka-takka’s are less common, instead we get more whooaa’s that give the music a more melodic and festive touch. The female voice is also more present than we have been used to, which also isn’t a bad development. I especially like the mixed duet The Higher Flight and Dangers In My Head, the latter one reminding me of Nightwish. The only lesser track is the too Germanic sounding Neuer Wind which reminds me too strongly of Subway To Sally. English just works better for Van Canto than their native tongue.

There are also some guest artists featured on Break The Silence. On Primo Victoria, a cover version of a Sabaton song, we hear their singer Joakim Broden. This feat wasn’t achieved for the two other cover versions: Alice Cooper’s Bed Of Nails (very witty and charming!) and Manowar’s Masters Of The Wind (totally opulent!). Blind Guardian’s Marcus Siepen can be heard on the acoustic ballad Spelled In Waters, which also helps to make Break The Silence an enormously varied album.

I can imagine that Van Canto will continue to polarise their audiences. Metal purists will definitely miss the guitars. If you are willing to be thinking outside the box and also like hearty power and melodic metal, you might be enchanted by that this band does. Fans might want to grab the limited edition with three bonus tracks, among others a cover version of Running Wild’s Bad To The Bone.

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