VANISHING POINT - The Fourth Season

Vanishing Point - The Fourth Season

11 songs
49:12 minutes
***** ***
Dockyard 1


After recently suffering through a batch of really disappointing down under melodic metal (Black Majesty, Eyefear), I was dreading the prospect of fighting my way through the fourth album, unoriginally titled The Fourth Season, by Vanishing Point from Australia. Maybe it’s their more than decade long experience that helps them finding the right way, or maybe it’s the band’s concentrating on concise song structures that makes their newest effort a worthwhile specimen of melodic progressive metal. Half an hour shorter than their last album, The Fourth Season never indulges into unnecessary excursions, instead highlights eleven compact metal songs that all have good melodies, tight instrumentation and keyboards that add to the atmosphere instead of watering the sound down. The vocalist does a good job too, reminds a bit of Ray Alder at times, which is not the only parallel to Fates Warning who sometimes feel like a very strong influence here.

Another good thing is that the album constantly upholds the same high quality level, and especially the last three tracks on the CD get you shaken once again, even if the concluding A Day Of Difference is a ballad, but one that discreetly circumvents all common clichés. The Fourth Season should establish Vanishing Point as the leading force of Australian heavy metal. Fans of melodic prog should risk an ear.

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