VARG - Blutaar

Varg - Blutaar

11 songs
48:24 minutes
***** **


Bavarian pagan metal band Varg only released their third album Wolfskult about a month ago, but somehow its predecessor Blutaar made its way through some complicated channels to us. Let’s not worry about this, because despite not really being innovative, the quintet still deserves some late attention for this album.

Blutaar is the first release on the new label NoiseArt, who wanted to make a good impression from the start and therefore hired Andy Classen as producer. Therefore it’s no surprise that the sound is truly overwhelming. The intro Wolfsblut shows that the wolf is still the band’s leitmotif. Varg is also the Swedish word for that very same animal. The following Viel Feind viel Ehr takes no prisoners. The balance between Celtic folk and gloomy metal is optimal. The melodies are appealing, even though it takes some time to get used to the raw growls. This track, just like Sieg oder Niedergang and Wilde Jagd, show Varg from their more rhythmic and catchier side, but Blutaar also contains some pieces that turned out much harder. Invictus and Blutdienst II are doubtlessly the most brutal moments on the album. All in all Varg have managed to allow melodic as well as extreme parts into their songs. At times they even find room for acoustic guitars which allow for some more relaxing moments. The German lyrics are quite martial, but the band holds firm anti-racist positions.

Varg certainly know their craft. The songs are competently structured, the compact sequence of riffs works well, and you also can’t complain about a lack of variety. Nonetheless you are left with an aftertaste of having heard the same already before, and sometimes even in a more satisfying way. Blutaar is still a fun experience though, but maybe not strong enough to allow Varg to truly stand out in the pagan metal scene.

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