VARIOUS ARTISTS - Did You d:qliq? 2

Various Artists - Did You d:qliq? 2

36 songs
144:55 minutes
***** ****
Grand Duchy Grooves


Coinciding with their second anniversary, Luxembourg’s only real music club, d:qliq, is back with a second compilation featuring only bands that have played at that location in the last year. One year ago, a first club compilation gathered twenty artists of all styles without much of a real thread, making for good if erratic listening. This time you get two CDs, nearly two and a half hours of music, for the same price. If that’s not a good deal, I don’t know what is.

The d:qliq is basically popular for letting people discover still unknown indie bands, and also for organising eclectic electro soirées. Therefore, the first – white – CD entertains with twenty mellow indie songs, with a preponderance of forty percent Scandinavian pop. Luxembourg is represented by Metro and Miaow Miaow. This first disc is a more or less perfect compilation that lets you wallow in memories of concerts past, but can also be listened to quite readily by the uninitiated.

The second – black – CD highlights mostly electronic bands, although there are also those hard to categorise (Gregor Samsa, Minipli) and those of genres that are rarer to be found at the d:qliq (De Läb, being so far the only hip hop band to play there). It’s interesting that more than half of the tracks here are from local bands, where especially Cyclorama, Artaban, Airstrip1, Loose Body Parts and Fracture show that there is tons of potential in the local laptop scene.

It wouldn’t make sense getting into every single track. Unreleased material only comes from local artists, but then I doubt that many people will have heard of all the featured bands on this second d:qliq compilation.

The cardboard packaging is decent, simple and original, making this compilation more than just another collection of random tracks. Listen to the first CD to get up in the morning, and the second CD to relax in the evening, and your life should be fine. If you consider that the d:qliq organised nearly four hundred concerts and events since its inception, all of this without government moneys pouring in, we can be happy that these guys opened two years ago, bringing much needed fresh wind into the Luxembourgish concert scene.

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