VARIOUS ARTISTS - Eskimo Friends

Various Artists - Eskimo Friends

21 songs
78:16 minutes
***** **

Panoplie is a non profit organisation formed in early 2006 in order to revive the pop scene in Luxemburg. After organising quite a lot of concerts with national and international acts, Robert and Muriel, the people behind Panoplie, thought that they should release a CD featuring a lot of the artists involved in their gigs.

The tracklist order has been well chosen. The CD starts with the quiet singer/songwriter Christina Dona before turning to The Astronoids, a mellow band from Luxemburg which presents a strong track with harmonica and cither. Indie pop fans will like Yuppie Flu and Locas In Love who both chose nice tunes for their tracks, but they will be shaken by rrriot rockers Couchgrass, probably the hardest band on this compilation. The album keeps rocking, but Metro are less wild and prefer solid brit rock. Bandabardo playing French chanson seem to be a bit out of place and would have fitted better in the calmer block starting a few tracks later. Two more interesting pop acts are The Ian Fays showing slight tendencies to electronica and Perturbazione presenting a calmer song. Then it's time for a longer, smoother block starting with Daniel Balthasar, Luxemburg's most overestimated acoustic star. The album keeps playing acoustic music with French chansonnière Emile Bold, Luxemburg's diva Claudine Muno and Cesare Basile showing both two darker and dramatic tracks. Raftside is mostly sounding sad and emotional. Zap Zoo are searching their way between pop and rock elements. My personal highlight is Giardini Di Miro, a wonderful and spherical dream pop act from Italy. Electro elements are present on the tracks by Singsong-Girl, I.G. and Devics. The album comes closer to its end with an acoustic ballad by Cesare Basile and a slow rock song by Afterhours, written by Greg Dulli.

You can purchase Eskimo Friends as a CD (12€) or a double vinyl (15€) containing one further track by Wixel from Belgium. I doubt that there will be people liking every part of this record, but it's certainly a nice souvenir for those who have attended a huge number of Panoplie events and the luxurious packaging should be another incentive to think about buying it.

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