VARIOUS ARTISTS - The Finest Noise - Die DVD

Various Artists - The Finest Noise - Die DVD

24 songs
96:00 minutes
Finest Noise

Finest Noise Records from Troisdorf has recently celebrated its fifteenth anniversary, an occasion that deserves a special release. In this case a DVD that features twenty-four bands with which they have been working in one way or another over that time span. Let’s have a short look at all of them:

1. 2zueins play German pop which is a little too tame and doesn’t quite achieve the same quality level as Sportfreunde Stiller. The video has turned out to be nicely yucky though.
2. Bloodspot play Eighties styled thrash metal. Sound and image quality are totally lo-fi, which under the circumstances works well for the band.
3. Boiler remind me too strongly of Clawfinger, a band I really don’t like.
4. Boris Gott are featured with a rather tedious track where also the video can’t convince me.
5. Chasing For Glory play nice punk rock. Their ambitious performance is mirrored in the video clip.
6. Cloudberry are into somewhat dark rock, with an adequate visual accompaniment.
7. Destination Anywhere play fun punk rock that comes with a brass section. Their video clip has been filmed on a BMX track and is consequently high on action.
8. Dorrn remind me a little of Nymphs and L7. Their erotic video is rated R, and for good reasons.
9. Doubleblack are nothing more than a bad Alice In Chains clone.
10. Everwaiting Serenade have achieved cult status in Luxembourg. Their video contains impressions from their Metal Battle experience.
11. Facelift play sweet pop music located somewhere between Blondie and Avril Lavigne.
12. Featherlike are a little soft, and their video reminds me a little of a-ha’s "Take On Me."
13. Jellybeat are not unlike the B-52’s, and their trashy sci-fi video has definitely its moments of charm.
14. Kapoolas are not only villains in the Nintendo universe, but also quite an able pop/rock band.
15. Lamps Of Delta remind me musically and visually of My Bloody Valentine.
16. Noise Capital are not that thrilling, but their video full of vintage film material isn’t that bad though.
17. Randale may not be to everyone’s taste with their pedagogical rock music, but hard-rock bunny Harald is a cult figure nonetheless.
18. Skullboogey sound a little like Monster Magnet and one of the highlights on this DVD.
19. The Donkeyshots play pleasant ska punk, but the live video quality could be better.
20. The Eccos play dynamic Klezmer rock with some astonishingly brutal parts.
21. The Ghost Rockets are into rather idealess hard rock.
22. The Stout offer pop punk with a brass section but still sound rather stiff.
23. Thirteen Days do it better and play punk rock just like a regular American band. The sunny video clip underlines the good impression.
24. Tillmann conclude the DVD with some first class noise rock.

As is usual with Finest Noise, the quality varies. The small independent label has some really great bands next to rather forgettable acts in their roster. But no one can blame label boss Keule for being a small-minded person. Also he is not stingy, as this DVD can be ordered for free at the label. Just add a sufficiently post-paid envelope.

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