VARIOUS ARTISTS - Hallo 13 (Noiseworks 1989 - 2002)

Various Artists - Hallo 13 (Noiseworks 1989 - 2002)

20 songs
69:54 minutes
***** ****


Hallo 13! This means Noiseworks Records from the German town Chemnitz is having its 13th birthday. Apart from two birthday festivals in September there has also been this nice little compilation with 20 bands.

Anybody who's familiar with the past of this small but very busy label (this compilation is their 250th release already) will know what to expect: accessible alternative rock (Dirty Spoon, Bolk, Mad X-Ray) is counterparted by edgy noise rock bands (Gnu, Squall), there are some electronic bands ranging from cute quirkiness (Ebbeynizer Screwdge) to the more pop sounding (Phonophobie). There's experimental (Grizzlybearunderwear), melodic punk (Petrograd), diskurs pop (Clipper, Hundert-11) and finally even proto grind core (Iron Henning).

Other bands presented here are Point, Shell, High Kites, Awful Noise, Not, Lyssa, Hank and Trost. I am not trying to describe every band here, but it has to be said that no two bands on this CD compilation sound the same. This may sound very extreme now, but it's working, as all bands have their dedication to the underground in common, and it also portrays perfectly the eclecticness of Noiseworks Records. Not one weak track on this compilation. For availability contact the label.

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