Various Artists - Mani.Fest.15

21 songs
72:46 minutes


Every year, the German independent label Noiseworks releases a new compilation. To celebrate the label's 15th anniversary, the new (and again excellent) sampler is called Mani.Fest.15. Although the beginning is not very promising and the first two bands Yellowback and Die Anderen don't present very exciting songs. But the level is rising quickly and you can listen to some really interesting stuff. One of my favourite noise bands is Molz, reminding me very much of Sharon Stoned. Other great noise bands on this CD are Mad X-Ray who sound harder than in the past, L'Point (quite unusual and unique), National Anthem and Bosworth. If you prefer guitar orientated alternative pop, you have to check Lawn, Joed Out, Lei, Plastic Ivy and Bally Hoo who used to release some records under the name Dirty Spoon. Punk fans will like the Airbags who are close to Blink 182. For the first time, there are harder bands on a Noiseworks compilation like Familia Miranda, Wollongong and especially Paranoid who remind me of the Luxemburgish Eyston. Highlight of the record is of course the song "Sweet Georgia Brown" by Lord Bishop, the Godfather of Sex Rock. Finally there's a lot of experimental stuff like Chris Knox (somewhere between Scatman and Butthole Surfers), Not (electronic folk) and Grizzlybearunderwear (as unusual as their name). Wissmut who used to be called Die Art may be suitable for gothic fans.

Karsten Zinsik, the main man behind Noiseworks Records, has again proven that you don't need major products to get real hot music. After 15 years, he's still able to discover great bands from Germany, the Czech Republic, the USA, Portugal, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Canada, Chile and Poland.

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