Various Artists - Song For Life

11 songs
47:02 minutes
Stop AIDS Now


Somehow the spreading of AIDS has somewhat been forgotten these last years, with all the misery that wars have created maybe not so much of a surprise, but the epidemic is still far from being under control. That's why the idea of making a compilation with theme-based songs is very positive in itself.

Unfortunately, the result is less than inspiring. First of all, 11 bands in about 47 minutes is rather minimalist for a compilation. Now we could live with that here at DisAgreement Online, but the featured bands play so many different styles that it's hard for any one person to like the whole album. As far as rumours go, I have heard that the initiators planned some more bands, but the typical amateurism of some local bands prevented them from being ready in time. Also the price of 17 Euro is rather high, compared to the usual 10 to 12 you normally pay for an independent release.

But let's also have a brief look at the selections, and let me warn you that the intolerant jerks at his website didn't like much of what they heard. Black Man Uncle Rich (Truth In Life) is very uninspired hip hop. He won the Song for Life contest of course and therefore got a free videoclip as a prize, and maybe this is what many people like to listen to at the moment, but it's just not for me. Low Density Corporation (Eve And The Last Sin) have a lot of potential, but lately they have drifted into non-descript pop regions, and their female singer, although gifted with a good voice, just lacks personality. One of their really weaker tracks. Djuju (No Tengo La Culpa) must have listened one too many times to Spliff. I mean they have been doing this for probably 20 years now, but that doesn't make it any funnier. Skip it! Myein (Breezes) play this dramatic kind of alternative rock that owes a lot to bands like Placebo, by sounding more male, fortunately. They are not my favourite band, but there's a lot of talent buried there. Watch out for them. Toxkäpp (Lief däi Liewen) come with another of their traditional ska pieces, although it seems to me as if I discovered a trace of mod rock. Quite nice. Last Millennium Suckers (One Second Against Your Life) call their genre death rock, and although this is an ok song, it is maybe a minute too long, and they need to lighten up a bit. I liked their fluffier stuff better. This reminds me a bit of early Eighties westcoast stuff, like the darker music by Adolescents. Empyr (Baby One More Time) are one of those hard rock bands that give the local scene a bad name. I have fortunately only heard this songs by them so far, but the way they mistreat poor Britney is a shame. I mean, Britney sucks, but at least the arrangement on the original version was a bit interesting, but this here is just like a traditional melodic metal version. Mr Bungle covered that same song with a bigger sense of humour. Steve Birtz (Fly With Me) was the first artist to get tears in my eyes. Not that he moved me, but he is really bad. I mean, he can't sing, and to call this singer-songwriter would be a slap in the face of all the Nich Drakes and Leonard Cohens out there. Luxus (Höhe 19) have a really twisted sense of humour that makes them more than controversial. I know people who would drop nucular bombs on their rehearsal room if it just would make them stop making music. I don't know why, because although they are not really great, they are eclectic in a very humorous way. This song adds hip hop to weird Seventies synth sounds and some semi-distorted guitars. Kinda cool, really. Midicrash (Unnoticed) are an electro band nobody but their parents ever heard of, and I can well understand why! So unnecessary, bad synth sounds and a too fragile vocalist. Chaos Am Re (Myself) finally evolved! Their contribution to the legendary Wupp di Wupp CD (where the profits when to the Vatican in a program to prevent birth control and convert starved third world children into Mettwursts so that the Déckkäpp have a reason for another tasteless joke...) still gives me nightmares, but this new track is really very cool. Minimalistic in its structure, it adds layer upon layer of instruments, with trance-like vocals, evolving into a mushroomy psychedelic mood.

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