VARIOUS ARTISTS - Songs 4 Diversity

Various Artists - Songs 4 Diversity

9 songs
35:25 minutes

“All verschidden, all d’selwecht” (“All different, all the same”) is a slogan by the National Youth Service that is nowadays more important than ever before, with many locals thinking that they lose their identity (whatever they understand by that notion), that immigrants are not respecting our way of life (although it’s those very same beer tent patriots you find in every Italian or Asian restaurant), and that we desperately need a new flag, to show that we are something fiercely unique that can only be described by a roaring red lion. And while I try desperately in the meantime not to be ashamed to be a Luxembourger, surrounded by so much nationalist fever blazing around me (and the radical right party gathering nearly every sixth vote in recent statistics), the SNJ decided to make a contest to find local bands of all styles to write songs against racism, xenophobia, nationalism, and encourage them instead to focus on more positive virtues like tolerance, interculturality, fighting against authority,…

As good as the original idea is, as unlistenable is the CD. Quentin Lagonza start with a very lacklustre song that is in desperate need of some ass kicking. Instead the guitar has no real power, the rhythm never gets going, and the vocals sound tired, a bit like Moof. I would have expected better from Luxembourg’s most active touring band. 3V play hiphop, and I just have to confess that this genre most of the time just sounds the same to me. Berlin Calvados play a lo-fi ballad with female vocals and a member of Medleyjukebox, formerly Myein. David Mourato, a Portuguese songwriter, plays airplay-ready adult rock, which is really not my style, but at least he is the only one who sounds at least professional. If you like your modern stylish MTV rock ballads, David is definitely the guy for you. More hiphop from RPM. Fehl-Tritt are a young ska punk band that lyrically is deeply indebted to Ton Steine Scherben. Their raw punk rock is a welcome break from the otherwise very serious content on the album. Kunn & The Magic Muffins come with ska without punk, unfortunately with a very old song. There should have been something more exclusive available. Impervious are another young rock band for whom this CD release must have come at least two years too early. Sounds like a gothic-less Pale Obsession. The compilation ends with one more hiphop song by Sous-Sol Connexion.

Although some tracks are good, most are mediocre and some just not my style, the CD still only deserves one point, and apart from my subjective taste, there are also a few objective points of criticism: 1. a compilation like this should be longer and better compiled, because it’s not just the idea that counts, but also the aim to get people listening to it, 2. there is a lyrics sheet inside, but no links to the bands’ websites. Why do they have to stay so anonymous? 3. When the layout person can’t even spell a band’s name correctly (Impervoius… even my spellchecker caught that one!), then it all feels like a really cheap product.

Ok, so it’s a demo CD for promotional use only, but in times where we are spoiled with so many good new CDs from young bands, the SNJ and the CGIL could and even should have put more effort into their compilation.

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