VARIOUS ARTISTS - Tales From The Winged Skull

Various Artists - Tales From The Winged Skull

24 songs
77:00 minutes
***** *****
WInged Skull


We have been waiting a long time for the release of this compilation, but finally it is there, and it didn't promise too much. Where the first Winged Skull compilation was an exercise in lo-fi and rehearsal room recordings (and can be easily dismissed), the new CD Tales From The Winged Skull has been manufactured in a much more professional way. 24 bands (two third of them from Luxembourg) fill the CD to the very rim, and there's a very refreshing mix of different styles: street punk, oi, emo, hardcore, death metal, German punk, garage, alternative, rock, melodic punk and ska. I won't go into each single song now, but I have made up four separate categories. First there are songs from local bands that were already on other releases (Carefree, dEFDUMp, Ex-Inferis, Petrograd), second there's one song that was recorded for a CD that had not yet been released (Skinflicks), third there's seven bands from foreign countries (Beans and Last To Go from Holland; Danny's Wednesday and Killtime from Italy; Dead Man's Handle, Nervous Chillin' and Side Show from Belgium). Fourth and best of all, half of the bands (Cream Of The Cake, Extinct, Hot Buddha, Kappgeschass, Kitshickers, Last Millennium Suckers, MDE, Narayan, Ortigas, Slontcha, Tough Beans, Toxkäpp) entered a studio just to record a song for this compilation. This not only provides professional quality, but also gives the listener the opportunity to listen to many young underground bands from Luxembourg in a way that gives them justice.

Where the last Bloe Baaschtert CD failed due to lack of concept and partly low recording quality, this new Winged Skull is an absolute must for every punk rock fans and most of all for people interested in the local scene, as half of the songs are exclusive on this release. I give this CD the maximum rating as it combines awesome music, a concept that was needed for a long time and idealism that becomes rarer every year. Buy this CD today!

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