VARIOUS ARTISTS - Tervetuloa Kioskiin Vol. 3

Various Artists - Tervetuloa Kioskiin Vol. 3

19 songs
68:15 minutes
Humppa / Tug

After a break of two years, Kioski, Germany’s biggest Finnish music record shop, releases the next compilation to show what can be bought at their shop. The price is again kept low (only 5 euros) to encourage people to get acquired with the bizarre and weird world of Finnish music. The first two compilations have been presenting many non-commercial pop and rock acts. The third one goes into a completely different direction and portraits the huge Finnish folk scene. I’m in general not a friend of that genre and must unfortunately declare this compilation as Kioski’s most disappointing one yet. Here’s the usual list of the artists:

Paulina Lerche (oriental, lots of flutes), Weinötär (folk pop), Burlakat (Nordic folk), Eläkeläiset (humppa action, a more sentimental track), Markku Lepistö (soft accordion play), Sväng (tango with violins), Pohjannaula (folk with rhythm and beat), Alamaailman Vasarat (speedy polka, like the Benny Hill intro music), La Sega Del Canto (using the musical saw as an instrument), Sakilaiset (funny music like from the Augsburger Puppenkiste), Jääräpäät (calm accordion stuff), Anneli Saaristo (like Maria Hellwig singing to a tango), Wolf Larsen (new age), Suden Aika (vocals and harp), Värttinä, Tarujen Saari, Vilddas (three pop approaches to folk music with female vocals), Johanna Iivanainen (like Sheryl Crow) and Pekka Lehti & Outo Voima (instrumental with a soundtrack feeling).

I suppose that the third Tervetuloa Kioskiin compilation isn’t the right music for the common DisAgreement reader, but the album is again quite diverse and probably folk purists will discover a few musical surprises.

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