VARIOUS ARTISTS - Tervetuloa Kioskiin Vol. 4

Various Artists - Tervetuloa Kioskiin Vol. 4

19 songs
67:53 minutes
Humppa / Tug

After the stranger folk compilation, Kioski, a record shop based in Fürth which is specialized in Finnish music, decided to go back to more common paths, making the main topic of their fourth compilation indie pop music. The compilation is once again called Tervetuloa Kioskiin, which means in English: Welcome To Kioski. Number three was harder to digest than this new compilation which contains some real highlights. Here’s the running order:

Risto (distorted fuzz noise), Aavikko (analogue electronica), I Was A Teenage Santan Worshipper (like Dandy Warhols), Laurila (like Strokes), Black Audio (like Tito & Tarantula), Dadao Trio (mellow adult rock), Karkkiautomaatti, TV-Resistori, And The Lefthanded (three bands playing retro rock with organs), Duplo (pop with an Air touch), Lodger (the album’s worst track, pop rock below average), Desert Planet (with video games samples), Boy Novice (blues meets acid jazz), Sydän Sydän (like Violent Femmes), Mikael H & Some Siberians (like Burt Bacharach), Magyar Posse (sounding like a French pop song), Ben’s Diapers (Americana), Bookends (like Ben Folds, the highlight of the compilation) and The Nightingales (calmer than usually, a Velvet Underground tribute).

Like always the compilation is sold at the social price of only 5 euros to encourage people to access the Finnish underground scene. It’s only the price of two beers and I can’t imagine that you would regret the decision of getting this diverse and exciting compilation.

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