VARIOUS ARTISTS - Where The Bad Boys Rock 4

Various Artists - Where The Bad Boys Rock 4

25 songs
77:47 minutes
People Like You

The German rock’n’roll label People Like You releases regularly compilations featuring their currently signed artists. The series is called Where The Bad Boys Rock and has reached already its fourth instalment. Like always, the disc is packed full with diverse genres of music.

The emphasis is on punk artists though, that sound at times British and at times American. Some are more melodic and catchy, others show off their street credibility. Artists present are The Adicts, Deadline, Broilers, Roger Miret, Deadly Sins, Far From Finished, Mad Marge & The Stonecutters, Heartbreak Engines, Generators, Frontkick, Whiskey Rebels, Born To Lose, Peter Pan Speedrock, Deep Eynde and Black Halos. Another specialty of the label are rockabilly and psychobilly bands that use the typical genre instruments, even a bulky stand-up bass guitar. Featured artists are P. Paul Fenech, Meteors, The Grit, Thee Merry Widows, Creepshow and Mad Sin. There’s also two country songs, one from Chip Hanna and another one from Peacocks who normally are more at home with rockabilly. Ashers are one of the label’s rare hardcore bands, and Kings Of Nuthin’ are my favourite with a retro sound reminiscent of the Kinks, sounding better than many hyped Brit bands of the moment.

The CD contains 5 so far unreleased tracks, 1 newly recorded and 19 from already published records. The low price of about 8 euros should encourage curious people to check out the mostly good bands from People Like You Records, although I advise them to stay clear of the Broilers and Thee Merry Widows, in case you don’t want to get a bad first impression.

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