VEHEMENCE - Helping The World To See

Vehemence - Helping The World To See

11 songs
50:31 minutes
***** ****
Metal Blade


In times where gory cover artwork has become standard procedure in the death metal genre, it is refreshing to grab hold of an album like Helping The World To See from West Coast death masters Vehemence. Adding a layer of morbid curiosity to the creepy cover illustrations already points us in the right direction. The band plays aggressive death metal, but in a way unlike any other band I can think of. As to be expected after their phenomenal debut God Was Created, the new CD adds on the momentum created by their unique blend of death metal combined with subtle melodies and a knack for hyper-speed parts. Vehemence manage to sound neither overtly Swedish-melodic, nor complicated for progressiveness' sake. Sure, at times I feel reminded of Morbid Angel, but Vehemence's sound is easier to access. Helping The World To See is highest quality death metal, coming with a fat production, and with its original approach should appeal therefore appeal to all kinds of death metal folks.

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