VERSE - Aggression

Verse - Aggression

12 songs
28:37 minutes
***** ****
Bridge Nine


The last few years, traditional hardcore has taken a second role, next to the ever more popular metalcore which especially in the United States has started to become a movement for Christians and other weird sectarians to proselytise their message. You can’t imagine how refreshing therefore the third album by Rhode Island hardcore rockers Verse sounds. They are firmly grounded in the Nineties, full of righteous anger and bring leftist political messages back to music, especially since now is a time where young people should be aware of all the wrongs going on in the world.

Socially aware lyrics don’t make a good album yet, and Verse are smart enough to know that. They envelop their messages in some of the most sparkling hardcore of the new millennium. They are angry, wild, unbridled and yet never sound nihilistic. Huge amounts of melody and melancholy make for truly emotional music that has nothing to do with what is commonly known as emo nowadays. There’s even a three-part six minute epic, Story Of A Free Man, in the middle of the album, which is another proof of Verse’s ambition.

Aggression is a record that will certainly appeal to every fan of original (as in: from the origin) hardcore, and maybe even the metalcore crowd will notice that you don’t need death metal guitars to make music that has an impact, on the mind and the heart as well. With not even half an hour, this is quite a short release, but therefore you won’t find any unnecessary parts that would clutter this lean piece of aggression.

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