VESANIA - Distractive Killusions

Vesania - Distractive Killusions

9 songs
43:06 minutes
***** ***


Distractive Killusions is the third album from Polish black metal band Vesania. All their members started their career in this band, but some of them have become in the meantime active in better known bands like Vader and Behemoth. As those have a rawer appeal, I suppose that the more symphonic approach of Vesania should help them to keep a musical balance.

It’s obvious that Dimmu Borgir is Vesania’s main influence, as both bands play mature and thoroughly scripted melodic symphonic black metal. Their songs have enough variation by offering blast beasts, atmospherically mystic parts, charming keyboard melodies and devastating guitar riffs. Nevertheless it wouldn’t be fair to call Vesania a Dimmu Borgir clone. Vesania are using even more dramatic elements in their songwriting, an idea that might be borrowed from King Diamond. This component works extremely well on the theatrical opener Narrenschyff, on the martial The Dawnfall and on the monumental Silence Makes Noise. Hell Is For Children, alas not a Pat Benatar cover version, differs very much from the rest of the album. Vesania seem to have borrowed here some influences from Celtic Frost’s milestone Into The Pandemonium.

Vesania will not win an award for originality with their new album, but those who like symphonic black metal should check out Distractive Killusions, as there are no doubts about their talent for songwriting and their technical skills. Vesania is another metal band from Poland worth following.

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