Vindicator - On And On…

16 songs
31:37 minutes
***** ***
Street Justice


They look like angry dock workers and sound just as pissed. Vindicator have been founded in Hamburg ten years ago and practice on their third album On And On… old school hardcore that is uncompromisingly charging ahead. This is risky business as there are already enough average hardcore bands around, but Vindicator gave me instantly the feeling that they are in it for the music. Of course, from a stylistic point of view, the band is heavily indebted to Sick Of It All and Madball, but they are smart enough to add melodic elements in songs like Kill The King and Dressed To Kill, where the singer starts sounding like Lemmy Kilmister, giving their sound a certain Leatherface flair. This culminates with Sad Story, something like a ballad, but done in a way that it fits perfectly into the general mood of the album.

The songs average two minutes each, which is perfect for this style, and after more than half an hour, this might become repetitive anyway. On And On…, although not so original in itself, understands how to combine old school roots with a rowdy rock’n’roll attitude. Add a powerful production and smart songwriting abilities, and you get a very listenable hardcore albums that should be a gift from heaven for everyone who is fed up with trendy metalcore bands.

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