VISCERAL BLEEDING - Absorbing The Disarray

Visceral Bleeding - Absorbing The Disarray

11 songs
39:27 minutes
***** ****


Sweden used to be the metropolis for melodic death metal, which was at a certain time very entertaining, but lately even Scandinavia is bringing forth more and more technical oriented bands. Visceral Bleeding from Sweden couldn’t sound less arctic on their third album Absorbing The Disarray, instead you ten songs (plus an intro) full of angular and spiky death metal tracks that are out to challenge your mind. The pace of the songs is more than brisk, the guitars are squeezing notes into gaps where you’re astonished they even fit it there. Taking the death metal genre out of its classical 4/4 rock time signature habits, Visceral Bleeding are one of the most progressive minded bands I have recently heard.

Don’t expect for these songs to stick, but the album as a whole works mirrors all the way. The production is crystal clear, emphasising the musicians’ incredible performances, and the running time of nearly forty minutes is perfect for this kind of music. Not too little, but much more and your brain would have refused to go any further. The German Necrophagist may have been the first band to popularise the genre of technical death metal, and Visceral Bleeding even of one step further with their extremity. Leaving hardly any room for beautiful melodies, Visceral Bleeding combine their instrumental prowess with unbelievably jarring song structures, resulting in something like the death metal analogue to classical prog metal bands like early WatchTower or Mekong Delta.

Absorbing The Disarray is hardly an easy listening album. It is demanding and has every right to be that way. Or in other words: Absorbing The Disarray is to death metal what quantum mechanics are to elementary physics.

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