VISHNUDATA - Vishnudata

Vishnudata - Vishnudata

9 songs
60:14 minutes
***** ***


Finnish producer Valo Lankinen, apart from being an accomplished guitarist and violinist, having played with dub band Dreadlock Tales and doing techno under the name Electric Arc, has also his solo project Vishnudata that emphasises a more psychedelic and trance approach to electronic music. After releasing Dreamforce on Space Boogie Productions in 2007, he is now back with his second, self-titled album on Finnish label Exogenic Records.

The CD starts with a lengthy intro which is fitfully setting the mood for what is to follow. The eight remaining tracks are all between six and nine minutes long, and apart from the concluding Silver Falls featuring a guest vocalist, they are all instrumentals except for some occasional vocal samples. Vishnudata combines the minimalist, repetitive rhythmic stance of live rave music with spacy synth sounds, thus creating some kind of hybrid that lets you undecided if you should chill or dance. The solution seems simple: on lower volumes, this is ideal music to lie down on your sofa and let yourself carry away by the hypnotic patterns, while a louder stereo should be able to get you off your arse and move.

Some pieces are more laid back while others put more weight on the beat programming. I prefer the former, but let’s consider that a matter of personal taste. All in all, Vishnudata is a very pleasant listening experience, proving that psytrance can work nearly as well on CD as in a live situation. The sound selection is varied enough to prevent boredom, the melodies seem simple but functional, the beats are straightforward with an intent to get the audience up and shaking. Only towards the end when singer Suho Superstar is lending his talent to Silver Falls, the record gets a more song orientated feeling, but strangely enough, you wouldn’t want every song here sound like this. This is good and intelligent electronic music, rather far away from more commercial electro sounds, instead bringing psychedelic trance with a slight techno edge from the clubs into your living room.

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