VISION DIVINE - Stream Of Consciousness

Vision Divine - Stream Of Consciousness

14 songs
62:01 minutes
Metal Blade


Vision Divine were founded in 1998 by former Labyrinth guitarist and songwriter Olaf Thörsen. Although his name doesn't make you guess, Vision Divine are an Italian metal band. After two albums, there were huge changes in the band line-up and so, Stream Of Consciousness is Vision Divine's third album. I don't want to say anything bad about the instrumentation. Especially Olaf Thörsen is a real maestro on guitar and he proves this on several occasions on the album. The powerful drums are astonishing, too. But this isn't enough to make this is a great album. The song writing is very diverse, you find anything from Dream Theatre-like prog sounds (The Secret Of Life) to classic power metal anthems (La Vita Pugge, Through The Eyes Of God, We Are We Are Not) and to really awful ballads (Colours Of My Word, Identities). Vision Divine are not original at all, everything has already been heard many times before. Furthermore singer Michele Luppi often exaggerates while singing higher notes. And a final word: 4 instrumentals are too much for any full-length CD.

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